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About voting and message filtering

If you are a registered user of this site, you have the opportunity to give feedback on the discussion forum by voting on messages, and to personalise your view of the forum by filtering out messages which are likely to be of no interest to you.


To vote on a message, simply click once on the smiley icon which reflects your opinion of the message (i.e. Good for "Good", OK for "OK", Bad for "Bad"). The icon will be highlighted, and your vote is recorded. Note that there is no need to reload the page or submit a form for your vote to be recorded.

You get one vote on each message (so please don't keep clicking to try to improve a message's rating), but you can change your vote at any time.

To get the most out of the system, your vote should reflect whether a message is worth reading, rather than whether you particularly agree with the poster.

Note that, in the interests of a smooth user experience, the voting system relies on some relatively new JavaScript technology: however most browsers in use today should support it.

Message Filtering

The message filtering system is designed to allow you to filter out messages which are unlikely to be of interest to you, for example because you previously voted down a message from the same user.

If you are logged in, just select your filtering preference from the drop-down box.

The filtering mechanism is still in its infancy: we intend to expand and refine it; but we are including this simple version in response to user requests. Bearing this in mind, your feedback will help us further develop this new feature.


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